The McNutt family has actively engaged in sustainable
farming practices and environmental resource conservation
since before those terms were invented.

Eco-tourists and Environmentalists appreciate the environmentally-friendly practices we employ in both our guest business and working cattle farm. Our convenient location, naturally beautiful setting, and resource conservation practices add up to a lovely and relaxing vacation with a minimal carbon footprint.


Learning is a life-long quest that should be pursued

on a daily basis regardless of a person's age.


Agricultural Students benefit from seeing our sustainable farming practices in action. Learn how pasture management, choice of genetics, animal husbandry, and proper resource management can improve the production and profitability of grass-fed cattle operations. Whatever the duration of your stay with us, we are sure you will leave with a new appreciation for natural farming practices.


blue lingo bull
Blue Lingo Bulls

Home School Families and Groups discover incredible learning opportunities at McNutt Farm II, Nature Lodge & Lodge. Utilize our natural environment to tie math and science lessons to practical applications by exploring our ponds, creek, woods, and pastures. Expand those lessons even further in the 4,758 acres of Blue Rock State Forest that adjoins our farm.



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You may also choose to include facilitated nature education programs offered by Canoe Creations. These programs are separate from McNutt Farm II, Nature Lodge & Retreat, as are the fees and scheduling for these programs. For more informaton on their programs and services, visit:

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All visits by appointment and reservation only