McNutt Farm II
Nature Lodge & Retreat

Blue Rock, Ohio

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McNutt Farm II established our guest business in 1974. Since that time we have remodeled and made many updates for the comfort and convenience of our guests. However, we have maintained the philosophy that everyone needs a private, comfortable, quiet place to go when they want to get away.

Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, McNutt Farm II Nature Lodge & Retreat is the perfect place to escape the chaos and pressure of daily life. Our farm, and the adjacent 4,700 plus acres of Blue Rock State Forest, offer an abundance of flora and fauna that, when paired with comfort and privacy of our guest quarters, create an optimal environment in which to rest your body, clear your mind, and renew your spirit.


Whether you are on a physical journey, spiritual journey, or simply wish to relax while spending time in nature,
we are confident you will enjoy the beauty and tranquility of southeast Ohio’s hill-country.

Never break the silence unless you can improve upon it

No Television … No Internet … No Phone*

Only serenity and solitude await you at McNutt Farm II Nature Lodge & Retreat

Are electronics and technology monopolizing your life? Has current technology turned you into a modern version of Pavlov’s dog by making you jump to check messages the minute your cell phone beeps?

If you need a place to `unplug’ from technological tethers while reconnecting with nature, McNutt Farm II Nature Lodge & Retreat is the vacation destination for you. It is amazing the depth of peace and clarity that can be found, sitting on the porch with your morning coffee, sharing the sunrise with a mother cow and her calf as they graze quietly in a nearby pasture. If you have never had this experience, we invite you join us.

*No phones are provided in the guest quarters, and personal cell phone usage is at your discretion. Due to our location and topography, cell service may be spotty depending upon the coverage area of your cellular provider.  The farm’s main number may be given as a contact number should someone need to reach you in an emergency situation.

Our guest lodging has a warm, rustic feel and modern amenities in a beautiful, serene, country setting,
all at reasonable rates


           We welcome nature-lovers from all walks of life. Some of our frequent guests include:

-        Those seeking a quiet space for meditation, prayer, and introspection

-        Eco-tourists and Environmental Enthusiasts

-        Group Retreats of all types

-        Home School Families and Groups

-        Agricultural Students

-        Outdoor-oriented Intellectuals

-        Individuals, couples, families, and groups seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of daily life


Well-mannered pets and livestock are also welcome at McNutt Farm II
We enjoy providing lodging for people traveling or vacationing with their pets.
McNutt Farm II also offers livestock motel services for people transporting or traveling with livestock.

We invite you to contact us for more information

and to book your reservation today

740 - 674 - 4555

No Alcohol - No Drugs - No Illegal Activities

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